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Ranges can also be combined with character sets (mentioned previously): [a-z A-Z,&*].NOTE: When trying to search for actual instances of any character that has a specific meaning in regular expressions, like ^ and $, you need to "escape" the character in your search query by placing a backslash in front of it.User-activated inline help lets people explicitly access help text when they need it.

For the most part, any characters are valid within brackets, including characters mentioned previously in expressions: [xa,Gg.]A character set range signifies a search for a character within the given range of characters. Ranges can be combined into a single range: [a-z A-Z0-9].For example, when scheduling dates, users appreciate context like a monthly calendar to identify days of the week, eliminating the need to leave the app to check the smartphone’s calendar.It also reduces the risk of the user becoming distracted by another task.The primary principle of good form validation is this: “Talk to the user! ” Generally speaking there are four important elements that good form validation consists of:immediately informs users about the correctness of provided data.This approach allows users to correct the errors they make faster without having to wait until they press the submit button to see the errors.

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