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Its nutritional properties may make it more suitable for the ‘2 to 6 per cent of the population’ who are allergic to cow milk, according to a UN study.

At 54, he’s only a year younger than me, but looks stronger and more youthful.The stuff ‘erases facial wrinkles, makes the skin more delicate and maintains the whiteness’, enthused Pliny the Elder, an ancient Roman know-it-all.Now, with more and more people looking to avoid cow’s milk products because of dairy allergies, interest in alternatives is growing.Dr Photis Papademas, a lecturer in dairy science, has been interviewing people who’ve been drinking milk from the farm regularly over a period of two to three months.‘Now we’ll try to get a clinical study going on the adults to see if this milk really is as promising as it looks.We know already that traditionally it was used by people just a few generations ago to treat whooping cough in young children.’Like humans, donkeys have a single stomach.

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Yet we mostly drink the milk of multi-stomached animals such as cows and goats, which use a lot of bacteria to digest their food through a complicated fermentation process.

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