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Over the years, City Island has been home to such industries as salt evaporation, oystering, and shipbuilding, as well as serving as a resort community for New Yorkers escaping the city.

I’ve been scouting on City Island over the past week, and I’ve been amazed at the number of deja vu moments I’ve had to growing up on the north shore of Massachusetts.

One last note: when walking along the coast, try to spot the numerous boat wrecks in the harbor.

Not sure who’s responsible for cleaning these up, but there are a surprising number floating about.

It was later seen on the 1969 television show , and served as a bed and breakfast in the 2000s.

The oldest home on the island is the Schofield farmhouse at the corner of Schofield and William.

Dating to the 1880s, the cemetery is home to generations of City Islanders.

But then, after a short ways, an old bridge appears in the distance.The houses along City Island Ave, like #295 (built in 1931), only add to that otherworldly New England feel.Is there a cuter house in New York City than 351 City Island Avenue, built in 1920?Yes, that’s a little porthole at the tip of the roof: Finally, no Amity Beach-style town would be complete without a tree-lined park, represented on City Island by the nautical-themed Hawkins Park.Be sure to note the plaque for City’s Island’s veterans of “The World War,” erected obviously before anyone knew there was a second one coming. Many have been here for decades, like Burck’s, which dates to 1928… Be sure to check out the store’s collection of items found in the harbor on display in the windows: City Island is also the only place in New York City that I’ve ever seen vending machines offering live bait and tackle: Finally, no trip to City Island would be complete without a glance into the store at #239…

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