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As her transgender alter-ego Wendyl , in The Cissy , she kept her beret, but pinned back her hair and also wore a white t-shirt, denim vest, and light purple pants.

Wendy almost always, however, attempts to resolve things peacefully before resorting to violence or manipulation.

Although, as of the Season 17 finale, she seems to have regained her major status karri turner dating.

This was done in retaliation for Ellen ostensibly stealing Stan, Wendy s boyfriend, away, despite the fact that Ellen was a lesbian and thus had absolutely no romantic inclinations towards Stan; that, and Ms.

Wendy has only been seen without her beret in two episodes, Chef Goes Nanners , where she took off her beret to dunk her head in her fishbowl and Funnybot , where she was seen dressed up without her beret.

In The List , Bebe and Wendy get into a fight after arguing over the list of the cutest and ugliest boys.

In addition, Kyle Broflovski took over her duties as the most intelligent student in class and moral center.

Harm s direct supervisor while he was attached to the CIA, an easy-going guy who once flew for Air America during the 1960s and 70s, and seems to find working for the CIA well suited to his background.

, joining the team led by NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, with Murray later being promoted to a series regular and also being added to the NCIS opening credits.

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