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She’ll wear the same thing two days running, while he travels everywhere with two extra pairs of shoes in case he gets tired of the ones he’s got on.(“Even as a kid I could never wear dirty sneakers,” he says.“He was never shy,” says Tommy Brown, his brother and manager. “That’s why I still have boyish ways about myself.”When he was 11, his boyhood friend James “Jimbo” Flint was stabbed to death in a fight.“Not Bobby.” He began winning talent shows, but he was still a baby criminal. “That was the turning point in my life,” he says now.

Crawford counsels her on all aspects of her career—from what dress to wear at a photo shoot to how loud the vocal should sound on a particular track from They watch each other constantly. ” Houston will ask as she sees Crawford’s reflection in the makeup mirror.“I’d just keep going and steal me a new pair.”)More significantly, there are the persistent rumors that Houston is gay (which she has repeatedly denied) and that Brown is a crackhead (which he has repeatedly denied).He was, however, definitely a ladies’ man (“Getting girls is how I live,” he once sang); he has three children, by two different women.“I think women are God’s gift to this earth,” explains Brown. Anybody who tells you, ‘Well, I want artistic creativity,’ they’re still trying to get a record off the ground.“But,” she continues, “I already had my own little stuff in my pocket and Clive knew that.“ I women.” Houston, who previously dated Eddie Murphy, is now expecting Bobby’s fourth child. “It’s different being married.”Despite all the disparities, this seems to be a real relationship. He knew that his job was to do what Clive did best.

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