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"Nay-Nay..." She whispered again, this time with the nickname he hated more than life itself.

"Nathan," she whispered into his ear, trying to sound seductive. When the sun had fully set, I was finally able to find it. To know that she and Collin lied about meeting, lied about even knowing each other, and got married so soon after--" I cleared my throat, "Anyway, I couldn't live with people I don't trust.The brightest star in the sky, and I was my daddy's and mine..no one else's. I'm over here now..." the star twinkled brightly as if telling me it knew where I was, "I moved away. I know it's wrong to be living with Seth, but we're best friends, and we have separate rooms, so nothing bad will happen, I know it." "And I promise to treat your daughter right, sir.She held back an excited giggle, mortified at the thought of waking him before things were prepared. "I thought it was fitting, considering..." He started to laugh. Breakfast was just finishing up - baked egg cups with spinach and prosciutto - and she'd put on some kind of generic jazz station.

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