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Every month, that goes up,” Langston says, adding that e Harmony statistics show little difference between urban or local, city or country: It’s consistent across the red and blue board.OKCupid saw similar patterns across its left-leaning user base, explained senior marketing manager Bernadette Libonate.“Then I learned he was considering a job in the Trump administration,” she said. Emily Holmes Hahn, the founder of Last First Matchmaking in New York City, says that this kind of story isn’t an outlier in her business.“The political situation has absolutely made it harder to match people,” she says. them’ feeling.”Case in point: In mid-August of last year, Hannah Orenstein was browsing Bumble when she happened upon a cute Euro transplant who works in the tech industry.

Ultimately, that trip led her to realise that they couldn’t be long term partners.

They broke up when Kent returned to the Midwest.“I started off by just telling him we didn’t have enough in common — there’s the gun issue, for one thing,” Kent explained. “I just don’t see myself being involved with somebody who voted for Trump,” she says. Recently, she was set up on a blind date through a matchmaking service with a man who seemed like the perfect fit.

They had compatible interests, likes and dislikes — he even grew up in her same hometown.

Dave Aronberg — who is the Palm Beach County state attorney — is a Democrat; his wife, Lynn, is a public relations consultant and a staunch Trump supporter who felt increasingly isolated in their marriage.“We would go to Mar-a-Lago almost every weekend,” she told Refinery29, “and he wouldn’t even take a photo with me.” At the time, Dave Aronberg’s progressive voter base was putting pressure on him to stop his wife, a Republican, from sharing her political views on Facebook.“I would rebel — I would make my profile picture with Donald Trump,” says Lynn Aronberg, who adopted a three-legged yellow lab she named Ivanka after divorce papers were filed. One particularly standout data point: At this same time in 2016, 24.6% of women on e Harmony, and 16.5% of men, answered the political affiliation question on their profile page.

This year, those figures have peaked to 68% and 47%, respectively.“That’s a 43% increase in women who feel like they need to make their thoughts known.

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