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Research your specific model to see how many actuations the manufacturer rated the camera for.

Since for most cameras there isn’t an easy way to verify the actuation count with certainty, the figure is meant to give you an idea of how used the camera is, and how much life you might still get out of it.

Here are the tips: Just as you need to know a good price on a piece of gear from a bad one, you need to be able to distinguish something that looks and works like it should from something that doesn’t.

If the owner claims that the camera has barely been used, but the strap is worn and faded, then a warning bell in your head should go off.

If you’re buying a lens, take off both lens caps and hold the camera up to the light.

Make sure theres no scratches or other imperfections in the glass on either side of the lens. First, this allows you to test the sharpness of the lens.

Gentle and minimal use won’t wear down a strap much.

Other areas you can check for wear are the external flash hot shoe and the LCD screen.

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