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Here is the HTML for a multiple SELECT: So now you've seen every type of form element (except for file-uploads, which we'll look at in Chapter 14), and in every case you've seen that CGI.pm's param function returns the value (or values) from each form field.

Here is the HTML for creating a SELECT field: Source code: SELECTs allow the viewer to choose more than one option from the list, usually by option-clicking or control-clicking on the options they want.Once this item has been checked, click on the "OK" button to install the SMTP server.Once the default SMTP server has been installed or verified; you can now configure it to send email.Make sure that the Anonymous access option is checked and that all other options are unchecked; in some instances you may wish to use the other options but in most cases involving a public website this is the option you'd want.Once you have verified this setting, click "OK" to close this dialog.

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