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of the speculation that Melania was trapped in some sort of loveless union with her husband.

Wood said that in order to talk about the photo of Melania trailing behind with her present while Donald approaches Barack and Michelle Obama, she'd need to talk about the whole video of that greeting.

"Her arm is not wrapped around his, the fingers on her hand are splayed out instead of together or cupping his arm," Wood said. That's not normally how you would respond to a kiss from your husband."Wood also noticed Melania is sort of pulling back from Donald with her body.

"She's holding her chest back, and she's arching her head and chin up instead of going in," Wood said.

"She's got the front of her lower torso and her heart facing toward him. This is a photo of them actually having a moment together — there's a playfulness and a happiness between the two of them." in New York City.

Wood's reading of this photo is that it was a very intimate moment that was interrupted by a bright camera flash in what looks to be a dark room."This is a very intimate, more sexual photo," Wood said.

But we can see that [tension] is a choice, because she's acting differently than she did before." The day before Trump's inauguration, he and Melania arrived in Washington, D.

C., and shared a very brief hand hold while walking off their plane.

Here I see it — 'I'm with my beautiful girlfriend,'" she said. Wood was struck by how happy the two both look in this particular moment, proving the recent stiffness in their behavior some have observed lately hasn't always been there."This is the happiest I've seen them," Wood said. She is just exuberantly happy, and she has sort of a mischievous smile on her face.You can see the playfulness." Wood drew attention to the fact that Donald's fingers on Melania's back are splayed and not clasping her, which connotes a bit of tension."She wants to be closer to him in this," Wood said."It would be normal to hold hands and reassure each other before you go into the battle of what's going to happen when they get off the plane.I was very happy to see there was a little moment." The fact that the two touch hands made Wood happy because it seems like something a normal couple would do.

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