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This led to the unprecedented response of Herald journalists writing a letter of protest over Key’s political interference.Soon after Bill English disgraced himself, lashing out at those covering the story of his double-dipping: English shouldn’t get a cent …

One way or another, their critics (however valid their points of view might be) must be silenced.

Hire a car, or your very own , as not only will the cute chicks and the flying skills of the adults keep you mesmerized, but the sweeping views along the surfing beaches north will certainly blow any jet-lag away.

Heading south again lunch can be enjoyed at the 110kms – Just after the long Kopu Bridge, turn left towards Thames – the gateway to Coromandel Peninsula.

He needs to drop the bitter and nasty attacks on the media.

His language in private is unbecoming and unprofessional. Get on with it Bill, but do the right thing, and stop trying to muscle up behind the scenes – it’s getting you nowhere.

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