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Sometimes they had to show they had to apply for permission to leave in some way (or sometimes show they had fulfilled their military service or other requirement).

Ancestry has a computerized searchable index for the years 1890 to 1913. All of the information is also available by microfilm.When the United States population census was taken in 2010, about 49 million Americans identified themselves as having German ancestry.308.7 million people were identified in that census, making those claiming German ancestry nearly 16% of the whole.Ancestors in the Records: Immigration Records: Ports and their Records What follows is only a short list of some of the immigration records and how to access them.This information has been combined from a couple of different articles I’ve written including a the sidebar for my article “Voyage to America” in Family History Magazine and parts of an article in the May 2007 Internet Genealogy Magazine called “Crossing the Ocean with the Internet.” First: Keep in mind that emigration records besides passenger departure lists may have been created when our ancestors left.

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